Indy Parks Funfinder | Dynamic Public Website

Prior to taking on the marketing position, I inherited the job of providing content and management of the Indy Parks sub site of the Indy.Gov SharePoint site. This site has well over 200 pages of static data which was in bad need of organization and update. As I began looking into the issue, I realized that much of the data was already housed in one of two databases used by Indy Parks.

I decided to put together a proposal to gather the information into a public site data warehouse for presentation on a new dynamic website in order to provide additional search options to our customers. This would not only reduce the amount of time I had to spend updating web sites, but it would provide users a consistent user experience along with up to date information.

I built the data warehouse, a wireframe prototype in MS Access, business requirements, and accompanying data dictionary. I worked with the Indianapolis / Marion County Enhanced Access Committee to get funding for Apparatus to build the front end of the site. This project was very successful and will continue to become more successful as data is added allowing the search functionality to fully function.

FunFinder Website (requires HTML5 supported browser IE9+, Chrome 10+)
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