A. Layne Young | Business Relationship Manager

To Whom It May Concern regarding Andrew Stephens:

My name is Layne Young; I have work in IT with the Indianapolis/Marion County government for 31 years (16 with Indy Parks and 15 with ISA [Information Services Agency].) I serve as a liaison with Indy Parks and the ISA.

I have know Andrew Stephens for about 9 years. During that time, Andy has provided a variety of IT skills to improve processes and decision making within the department. Over the past 2 years Andy’s role has change from operation to department analyst and he ahs had a much larger role with data analysis.

I have worked ‘hands-on’ with Andy on several projects but would cite 2:

  1. GAPS Replacement was a business process re-engineering project for a non-tax revenue tracking system. The project integrated a database with SharePoint utilizing workflow processing. Andy served as a business analyst and application developer.
  2. Summer Lunch was an extensive program that utilized a SharePoint extranet to assist with the logistics and analytics of managing a $0.5 million grant to provide lunches to needy children within Indianapolis. The benefits of the project were expressed in time and dollar savings, better management decision making information and a document picture of the process. Andy served as the business analyst, technology and application developer.

Andy is very gifted in learning new technologies and applying them to solve business problems. He is assertive, inquisitive and innovative. Any would be a tremendous recourse to any employer.

A. Layne Young | Business Relationship Manager