Monthly Archives: January 2013

SplashMetrix & RecMetrix

These two systems function to manage information vital to the operations of Indy Parks. I created both with a Microsoft Access front end and a SQL and SharePoint back end. The database houses information for:

  • RecMetrix
    • Monthly performance measures
    • Indy Stat
    • Grant valuation
    • Volunteers and valuation
    • Partnerships
      • Including boilerplate agreement creation
      • Valuation
    • Park Information for use in the program catalog and on the FunFinder
    • Deposit Tracking
      • Replaced a manual process with an estimated cost saving of $100+ (NPV)
      • Incorporated reconciliation process from AR
      • Has internal audit views
    • Custom Reporting from other databases
  • SpalshMetrix
    • Pool chemical level history
      • Dosing history
      • Control Charts
    • Bulk chemical inventory management
    • Human Resource Management
      • Certification management
      • In-Service training management
      • Staff lists
    • Maintenance reporting
    • Inspection reporting
    • Complementary pass management
    • Pool Condition Dashboard, real time at a glance monitoring of:
      • Attendance
      • Water Quality
      • Chemical Levels

Spot Audit from SplashMetrix