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Indy Parks Funfinder | Dynamic Public Website

Prior to taking on the marketing position, I inherited the job of providing content and management of the Indy Parks sub site of the Indy.Gov SharePoint site. This site has well over 200 pages of static data which was in bad need of organization and update. As I began looking into the issue, I realized that much of the data was already housed in one of two databases used by Indy Parks.

I decided to put together a proposal to gather the information into a public site data warehouse for presentation on a new dynamic website in order to provide additional search options to our customers. This would not only reduce the amount of time I had to spend updating web sites, but it would provide users a consistent user experience along with up to date information.

I built the data warehouse, a wireframe prototype in MS Access, business requirements, and accompanying data dictionary. I worked with the Indianapolis / Marion County Enhanced Access Committee to get funding for Apparatus to build the front end of the site. This project was very successful and will continue to become more successful as data is added allowing the search functionality to fully function.

FunFinder Website (requires HTML5 supported browser IE9+, Chrome 10+)
Public Site System Map

Accident / Incident Reporting System

This project focused on centralizing two accident reporting systems into a single application which would provide for multiple patients and/or assets per incident. This structure will assist the risk manager in documenting the scope of any one incident. The software is available via login on the World Wide Web as to place data entry as easy as possible; even incorporating HTML 5 technology to allow a mobile view. The database also adds a single tier approval path and long term data security. The following is the workflow for the process and software.

DPR Accident Reporting

SplashMetrix & RecMetrix

These two systems function to manage information vital to the operations of Indy Parks. I created both with a Microsoft Access front end and a SQL and SharePoint back end. The database houses information for:

  • RecMetrix
    • Monthly performance measures
    • Indy Stat
    • Grant valuation
    • Volunteers and valuation
    • Partnerships
      • Including boilerplate agreement creation
      • Valuation
    • Park Information for use in the program catalog and on the FunFinder
    • Deposit Tracking
      • Replaced a manual process with an estimated cost saving of $100+ (NPV)
      • Incorporated reconciliation process from AR
      • Has internal audit views
    • Custom Reporting from other databases
  • SpalshMetrix
    • Pool chemical level history
      • Dosing history
      • Control Charts
    • Bulk chemical inventory management
    • Human Resource Management
      • Certification management
      • In-Service training management
      • Staff lists
    • Maintenance reporting
    • Inspection reporting
    • Complementary pass management
    • Pool Condition Dashboard, real time at a glance monitoring of:
      • Attendance
      • Water Quality
      • Chemical Levels

Spot Audit from SplashMetrix

Lean Six Sigma | Summer Lunch Project

I was approached to improve the processes surrounding the Summer Servings program; a program that serves thousands of free meals to youth around Marion County at around 100 locations daily. Prior to the process improvement, the program’s expense was greater than the entitlement money provided to the state to reimburse the service provider. This gap was closed through diligent process mapping, creation and implementation of a software solution, and ongoing measurement.
The outcome of this project resulted in the followings:

  • A cost saving to the Parks Department
  • Reduced staff time required to perform day-to-day tasks
  • Improved communications between the vendor and the department
  • Reduced spoilage (waste) to less than 1% – meeting statistical significance.

Process Map
AR Workflow
Software Design

Project Managment Example – Product Naming

As part of my studies at UIndy, I completed a project management course. Dr. Knapp, who built the Project Management Office up at Raytheon, asked that the class focus on a real life problem at our place of business. The problem that I wished to focus on was on the product portfolio of the parks department.  While we offered many products at facilities that were similar, most of them were called different names from location to location. This proved difficult to develop an interface for customers to find the programs. The following documents are examples of the project management documents, policy manual, and a link to the FunFinder search.

Program Management Documents

Activity Naming Timetable Gantt

Indy Parks and Recreation Program Naming Policy

Online Search Feature (Select “View or Refine by Activity Type” on the left)